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Dr. W. Sherman Turnage Radio Appearance on WFOY 1240 AM

Listen to Dr. W. Sherman Turnage discuss current anesthesia practices on WFOY 1240 AM, June 30, 2009 at 5 pm.

Dr. W. Sherman Turnage, president of Coastal Anesthesiology Consultants, will discuss current practices in anesthesiology that have made anesthesia safer and more comfortable for patients with Dr. Stuart Soroka on his weekly radio program To Your Health on local radio station WFOY 1240 AM. Some of the topics covered will include preparation of children and adults for outpatient surgery, pain management after surgery with nerve blocks, current safety standards and awareness under anesthesia. Tune in at 5 pm Tuesday, June 30th for a lively discussion and call with your questions regarding anesthesia practices today.

Dr. Soroka's show can be heard every Tuesday at 5 pm on WFOY 1240 AM. To Your Health brings current health care news of interest to the residents of St. Augustine and the surrounding area. For those who don't have good reception of the radio station, broadcasts can be heard live streamed over the Internet from the radio station home page