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Coastal Anesthesiology Consultants staff provide a full range of anesthesia services for patients undergoing surgical procedures in the facilities we serve. We are specially trained to provide pain management services for orthopedic surgery and echocardiography for cardiac surgery. We also have expertise in outpatient surgery.

Outpatient Surgery

An increasing number of surgical procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. Our staff work with the nursing staff of the facilities we work in to assure your comfort and safety during your procedure.

We provide instructions regarding preoperative preparations suitable for your medical condition and procedure. Next, we pay special attention to achieving adequate pain control through a combination of oral and intravenous medications and nerve blocks, and we also use multiple medicines and adjunct treatments to prevent nausea and vomiting. An anesthesiologist will be available at all times to answer any questions or concerns you may have upon returning home.

Inpatient Surgery

Coastal Anesthesiology staff provide a full range of anesthesia and pain management services for patients undergoing surgery as a hospital inpatient. Two areas of expertise we offer are acute pain management and intraoperative echocardiography.

Acute Pain Management

Coastal Anesthesiology staff are especially proud of our accomplishments in acute pain management after surgery. We specialize in the placement of epidural catheters and peripheral nerve catheters. Both techniques provide a continuous infusion of local anesthetic solution to nerves supplying a body region to control pain in that part of the body. The benefit of this approach is fewer side effects of larger doses of narcotics and better pain control to allow early rehabilitation and recovery.

Intraoperative Echocardiography

Coastal Anesthesiology provides intraoperative echocardiography services for all cardiac operations at Flagler Hospital. This service allows our staff to show cardiac surgeons the extent of disease in the heart and major blood vessels. In some cases, echocardiography can be used to diagnose previously undiagnosed disease. Surgeons can be assured of successful outcomes of the operation before the patient leaves the operating room based on echo imaging.